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What These Two Cases Could Tell Us About the Future of Section 280E and Cannabis Taxation

10 Feb 20 Audra Walter

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19 May 20 Boxelder Consulting

Boxelder Consulting

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Boxelder Consulting’s Complete Guide to PPP Loan Forgiveness

What is the PPP The Paycheck Protection Program originated as part of the CARES Act, which was signed into law on March 27. The initial…

09 Apr 20 Boxelder Consulting

Boxelder Consulting

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IRS Collections and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Like most people, the team at Boxelder Consulting is still coming to grips with the jolting shift in reality we’ve all experienced in just three…

20 Feb 20 Audra Walter

Taxes and Tax Relief,

4 Factors That Can Cause Tax Refund Delays

The arrival of tax season has brought about one of the chief concerns of the year for most people throughout the country: tax refund checks….

18 Feb 20 Audra Walter

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The Crypto-Currency Act of 2020 in Congress Sets More Clear Bounds for Crypto-Property

The federal regulation of cryptocurrency and other crypto-assets is an issue of major significance. Slowly but surely, the federal government and its many agencies have…

12 Feb 20 Audra Walter

Taxes and Tax Relief,

The Potential Negative Effects of Section 280E and One-Sided Marijuana Taxation

  Back in 1981, a court case took place which involved a cocaine trafficker who attempted to assert his rights to deduct ordinary business expenses…

14 Jan 20 Audra Walter


4 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Hire a Bookkeeper For Your Business

Knowing when to hire a bookkeeper is not always the easiest determination. In some cases, there is no clear point at which it becomes obvious…