No Longer Dead, IRS Owes Man Tens of Thousands In Tax Refunds

Declared Dead by IRS for 29 Years, Living Man Finally ‘Resurrected’

Original Article by Karen Bleier, May 10, 2017, 4:38 PM (CBS/AP)

At just four years old, a Minnesota man was falsely declared dead by the IRS. Now, 29 years later and with the help of his state senator, the IRS finally recognizes that Adam Ronning is very much alive.

"'Dead' man brought back to life" over a background of hundred dollar bills

“This was an absurd situation,” the senator helping Ronning rectify his status with the IRS said in a statement. “This constituent was declared dead by the government when he wasn’t.”

According to a “60 Minutes” investigation in 2015, approximately 9,000 living americans are declared dead each year. This represents an error rate of .3% of new names added to the government’s “Death Master Sheet”.

Despite being dead in the eyes of the IRS, Ronning paid taxes his entire adult life. This lead to him receiving only half or none of his returns since 2009. According to Ronning, the government owes him approximately $20,000 in tax refunds.

“It’s insulting, it’s shocking, it’s frustrating,” Ronning said.

A spokesperson for his state senator said such cases as this are rare and they will continue to work to make sure he gets the refunds he is owed.

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