October 15th – Personal Income Tax Extension Filing Deadline – Now What?

    The 2014 tax calendar year has finally come to an end for both business and individual taxpayers. Managing the daily, weekly, monthly finances of a household or business is a complex task. An extra set of trained eyes to help review financial transactions can be an incredibly resourceful tool. Boxelder Consulting is a full service accounting, tax resolution and business management firm that offers comprehensive financial audits to its clients.

    Audits aren’t just for regulators, bankers, audit committees and business partners, they’re valuable management tools. In addition to opining on financial statements, Boxelder Consulting offers clients valuable insight and advice about internal controls and business practices so their businesses runs more smoothly – and more profitably.

    Contact David Weishaus at Boxelder Consulting to help navigate the complicated path of a financial review and audit.

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    A company founder standing by Colorado's Front Range

    Tom Conradt

    Co-Founder, IRS Collections Defense Attorney

    Tom Conradt is the co-founder of Boxelder Consulting & Tax Relief, and has been practicing IRS Collections defense law for the past ten years. Graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tom is the lead IRS Collections Defense Attorney and heads the tax resolution department. Tom’s favorite part about working at Boxelder Consulting is hearing about the relief that clients experience after they sign up and start seeing immediate results on their case. Tom enjoys all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer, including skiing, hiking and climbing. He is also looking forward to the return of indoor pickup basketball.

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