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Tax Relief

Tax Relief help is simple
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Owe back taxes? Feeling trapped by tax debt? Boxelder Tax Relief can help.

Time and time again, we’ve witnessed the toll that tax debt takes on good people — it’s a burden too heavy to carry alone. That’s why Boxelder Consulting is committed to providing first-class resolution services to clients seeking tax debt help. If you find yourself facing consequences from the IRS collections process, reach out to our team of licensed tax attorneys and accountants. Let our team negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.  They have the experience needed to successfully navigate the bureaucratic maze of the Internal Revenue Service and find the tax resolution program that’s right for you. Our daily mission is to enhance the businesses and personal lives of our clients through expert advice and enthusiasm for building long-standing relationships with our clients.

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Our Tax Relief Process

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Step One

Get Tax Relief Expert Support

Dealing with the IRS can be scary and stressful. Don’t go it alone.

Take the first step on your tax debt relief journey with a free consultation. The Boxelder team will take the time to get to know you by discussing your specific goals and deciding how our team can best support you through this process. Once you’re comfortable with our approach, all it takes is a simple signature and you’ll have a team of licensed professionals advocating for your best interests before the federal and state taxing authorities. Our tax lawyers and attorneys will negotiate directly with the IRS on your behalf. With Boxelder Consulting, you now have experienced, compassionate representation and the peace of mind to enjoy the things in life that matter to you most.

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Step Two

Know What You Owe

Our clients are often unsure of the extent and accuracy of their liability. And in the tax game, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Our team of licensed professionals starts every tax relief case with a detailed investigation into your historical tax timeline. During this crucial step, Boxelder works on your behalf to get transcripts from the IRS in order to identify what you truly owe. We’ll figure out what returns have been filed, which ones are missing, and the total amount of penalties and interests that have accrued over time. Our research will paint a clear picture of what we’re up against and help us identify the best resolution strategies for your individual case.

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Step Three

Receive Your Personalized Plan

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to tax resolution. Each client’s case is unique in its own right.

Here at Boxelder Consulting, we understand the importance of a tailored resolution plan that focuses on the results that you want to achieve. Our licensed professionals always consider what approach will save you the most time and money. During this stage in the process, we’ll provide a written report of the information gathered from our research and recommend the best strategic approach to resolve your tax issues once and for all.

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Step Four

Maintain Continual Guidance

From the moment you walk through our door, our polite, friendly staff will put a human face on a process that can seem relentlessly confusing and frustrating on your own.

Boxelder’s licensed professionals navigate the bureaucratic maze of the Internal Revenue Service and make the system work for you. As we implement and execute your tailored resolution plan, it’s okay if you have questions along the way. Boxelder’s personalized, white-glove service and straight-forward guidance will make even the most complex tax problems manageable. During this process, our team will also provide you continued protection from wage garnishments, bank levies, federal and state tax liens, and property seizures.

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Step Five

Reap the Reward

Treating the symptom of your tax problem is simply not enough – we aim to fix the root of these financial issues too.

Boxelder Consulting places a strong emphasis on long-term resolution. That’s why we have in-house accounting, bookkeeping, and business consulting departments that complement our top-notch tax resolution services. Boxelder’s one-stop shop for financial resolution and support has helped thousands of satisfied clients find sustained freedom from tax debt.

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The Boxelder Difference

Our compassionate support
sets us apart.

To the IRS, you’re just a number. At Boxelder Consulting, our team of tax relief attorneys believes that behind every client there is a real person who deserves another chance at a fresh start. This sincere approach is the foundation of Boxelder’s success, the driving force behind the thousands of tax cases we’ve resolved.

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