Boxelder Attends Synergy 2022 Thomson Reuters Conference

tax professionals attend a small workshop at Synergy 2022 Thomson Reuters

Boxelder Consulting Attends Synergy 2023 – Thomson Reuters Annual Conference For Tax And Accounting Firms

Earlier this month, our nation’s capital got a much-needed boost of ethics and responsibility, as members of Boxelder Consulting’s award-winning tax team came into town for Synergy 2022.

Hosted Annually by Thomson Reuters, the Synergy User Conference For Tax And Accounting Firms is one of the largest and most important industry events of the year. Boxelder was excited to have three of its expert accounting team members Mason Turner, Reed Rowell, and Steve Zahnow, attend the four-day conference to learn from industry peers and leaders.

With the knowledge and insights they’ve brought back to share with the team, Boxelder has been able to expand our accounting tool kit, get up to date on all of the recent tax code changes for 2023, and stay ahead of the curve so we can continue to provide expert service to our clients.

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What Is SYNERGY Thomson Reuters?

Every year, the Thomson Reuters SYNERGY conference series brings together thousands of elite trade, tax, legal, and accounting professionals. At the conference, tax professionals are able to dive into emerging issues, industry disrupters, and best practices at the forefront of the industry, while networking with fellow experts and learning how to stay ahead of the curve.

two tax pros at an after-hours conference social
Reed and Mason believe it is time to address the elephant in the room — those years of unfiled back taxes.

“Now more than ever, professionals are navigating a multitude of disruptive forces, from shifting global dynamics to increasingly complex regulatory changes,” said Brian Peccarelli, chief operating officer of Thomson Reuters, highlighting how important it is for tax professionals to continue their education and stay up to date on industry shifts.

a tax professional at the Smithsonian museum
Mason stands with an individual who is still patiently waiting to receive their 2021 tax refund from the IRS

Retired Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Deputy Chief James Robnett served as keynote speaker for the event, sharing details about his former role in IRS Criminal Investigation, where he oversaw worldwide operations involving criminal tax investigations, money laundering, public corruption, cyber, and ID theft.

Next year’s event will take place right here in Colorado, taking place on November 5 – 8, 2023 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Aurora, Colorado.

Mr. Boxelder Goes To Washington

tourists view the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C.
Unlike this memorial, the tax code is never set in stone. That’s why our team stays up to date on all the latest changes.

Boxelder’s team members are experts when it comes to taxes and accounting — but they also understand the value of a well-rounded, experiential education. That’s why they took full advantage of their time in D.C. to explore the sights and appreciate the wonder of our nation’s history.

Highlights included walking the grand halls of the Smithsonian Museum, paying respects to the fallen at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and remembering one of our country’s most revered leaders at the Lincoln Memorial.

When asked about his favorite quote from U.S. history, Reed noted that the answer was a no-brainer: “No taxation without representation.”

Now that our team is armed with the latest tax tools and information, there’s never been a better time to start getting organized for tax season. Contact your Boxelder accountant today to schedule a financial review and start maximizing your tax savings!


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