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Are you paying too much in taxes? With the tax code in constant flux, hiring a professional accountant who can stay up to date on changes is essential for both individual taxpayers and growing businesses. At Boxelder Accounting, we make it our mission to minimize your tax liability and maximize your after-tax income.

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Our Accounting Process

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Step One

Get Expert Accounting Support

When you come in for a consultation, Boxelder’s accountants and CPAs will take the time to get to know you by discussing your specific goals and deciding how we can best support your accounting needs. We’ll gather all of your financial records and previous years’ tax returns and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business’s tax structure, exposure and liabilities. Now, with a team of experienced accountants and CPAs in your corner, you can rest assured that your books are in order and you’re truly minimizing your tax bill.

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Step Two

Develop Your Personalized Plan

After assessing your business’s situation, our expert CPAs and certified accountants will help you develop a customized “tax game plan.” This includes determining the best possible entity structure for your business, making use of available tax credits and itemized deductions, and keeping your records clean and organized. Our goal is to ensure that, come tax season, your business saves time, energy, and most importantly, money.

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Step Three

Set Up Your Books

We’re proud to partner with Quickbooks Online, one of the best cloud-based accounting softwares on the market for small businesses. When you partner with us, we’ll set you up with a new QuickBooks account — or if you already have one, we’ll have you add us on as admins. All of our accountants and bookkeepers are certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving top-of-the-line support and personalized guidance. And because QBO is a cloud-based accounting software, you’ll retain full, live access to your financial information.

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Step Four

Receive Continual Guidance

The tax laws aren’t set in stone, and neither are we. You can’t be expected to stay abreast of all of the tax code changes and new tax credit opportunities, but that’s exactly what our CPAs do all year. When you work with Boxelder’s accounting firm, you’re getting more than just a services team — you’re gaining a long-term partner. As your business grows and tax laws are updated, we’ll continually revisit your case to ensure we’re still utilizing the best approach.

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Step Five

Reap the Reward

At Boxelder Consulting, our team of tax professionals places a strong emphasis on long-term resolution, as opposed to quick symptom fixes. Our in-house tax relief, bookkeeping, and business consulting departments complement our top-notch accounting services and streamline your tax process. Boxelder’s one-stop shop for financial resolution and support has helped countless satisfied clients enjoy long-term financial health. That’s why our clients consider us the best accounting firm in Denver.

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How We Help

Expert Tax Accountants & CPAs In Your Corner

With the tax code in constant flux, hiring a professional accountant who can stay up to date on changes is an essential step for any growing business. Boxelder’s experienced individual and small business CPAs can provide you with proactive, personalized guidance to your tax planning and preparation needs. Even if you have no existing accounting process, we can help set one up from scratch. At Boxelder Consulting, our tax professionals and accountants are dedicated to minimizing your tax liability and maximizing your after-tax income.

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