21 Dec 18 Audra Walter

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Can the IRS Take My Passport if I Owe Taxes?

The FAST Act If you or a loved one are among the hundreds of thousands of American taxpayers deemed to owe “seriously delinquent” tax debt, it is important to be conscious of the risks you are facing. Due to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) act, your passport may now be revoked if you’re liable […]

12 Dec 18 Audra Walter

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“I’d run into a burning building, but I couldn’t bring myself to open mail from the IRS”

I spoke to a prospective client today that is a firefighter in California. He told me his story about getting mail from the IRS and it stuck with me all day. I always knew how difficult it could be to deal with IRS debt, but it was the way this firefighter put it so succinctly […]

09 Nov 18 Audra Walter

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IRS Scams on the Rise: What Taxpayers Need to Know

Americans lose billions of dollars each year to fraud, and more recently, these scammers have moved into the taxpayer’s arena. Fraudsters impersonating IRS officials have become a common problem in the United States causing havoc at the federal level by stealing refunds from unsuspecting victims. These scams may come in the form of a phone […]

06 Nov 18 Audra Walter

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How Boxelder Consulting Will Help You Prevent and Remove a Tax Lien

Taxpayers with unpaid taxes frequently have federal tax liens filed against them. This is the Internal Revenue Service’s means of ensuring taxpayers keep up to date with their obligations. Federal tax liens are filed with the county government relevant to the area where the taxpayer lives or has registered a business. The official purpose of […]

29 Oct 18 Audra Walter

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Boxelder & Bench Combine Forces: A Comprehensive Bookkeeping Solution for Tax Resolution

Boxelder and Bench: How a Client-First Tax Resolution Firm Solved Bookkeeping ORIGINAL ARTICLE POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE While many tax resolution firms often leave clients to sort out their own bookkeeping, the team at Boxelder went out of their way to find solutions. But they kept hitting a wall. With […]

07 Oct 18 Audra Walter


Residents Who Didn’t Pay Taxes Lose Their Street

Residents Who Didn’t Pay Taxes Lose Their street   [Original Article] Well, this is a new one. Imagine living on one of the most expensive and exclusive streets in all of America only to find out someone bought your expensive and exclusive street, for $90,000. That’s what happened to the residents of San Francisco’s Presidio […]

08 Aug 18 Audra Walter


Private San Francisco Street Sells for $90k Due to Tax Debt

Private street sold because homeowners association didn’t pay its taxes Well, this is a new one. Imagine living on one of the most expensive and exclusive streets in all of America only to find out someone bought your expensive and exclusive street, for $90,000.That’s what happened to the residents of San Francisco’s Presidio Terrace Street […]

02 Jun 18 Audra Walter


Understanding the New Tax Code: Is It Fair?

With any new administration come new policies: the Trump administration and the rest of Washington is currently embattled in a high stakes debate over tax reform. Reshaping the tax code is no easy task. Democrats and Republicans disagree on fundamental differences when it comes to how the tax code should treat the different income brackets. […]

06 Dec 17 Audra Walter


How the Republican Tax Plan Will Affect You

How the tax overhaul could affect your bottom line The Senate passed a long-awaited tax overhaul bill early Saturday morning. The bill, the biggest rewrite of the individual and corporate tax code in 30 years, would affect the pocketbooks of most Americans. It still has to be reconciled with a tax overhaul passed by the […]

20 Nov 17 Audra Walter

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The Stress of Tax Debt: MIT Study Indicates Stress Can Lead to Risky Decisions

A new MIT study recently confirmed what many of us probably know, but don’t slow our brains down to recognize – that chronic stress, stress that is present over time, can lead to poor decision making. Oftentimes I speak to prospective clients that have difficulty seeing their way out of IRS tax debt. They are […]

04 Oct 17 Boxelder Consulting


Proposed Republican Tax Plan: How it Affects You

Republicans Move Forward on Tax Reform The federal tax plan being proposed by the GOP is out now. There are some significant changes being proposed and they will affect all income levels differently. The biggest thing to note are the proposed tax breaks, through deductions and tax credits; these change how much a person owes […]

29 Sep 17 Boxelder Consulting

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Tax Deductions You May Not Know About

What is a tax deduction exactly? Simply, tax deductions lower your taxable income; this plays to your favor as the lower your taxable income is, the more cash you get to keep in your pocket when you go to pay taxes. There are deductions for all sorts of things; here are 8 tax deductions you […]