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Boxelder Consulting’s Complete Guide to PPP Loan Forgiveness

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19 May 20 Boxelder Consulting

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25 Nov 20 Dave Weishaus

News, Taxes and Tax Relief,

The IRS Still Has 1 Million Unprocessed
2019 Tax Returns. You Can Use the
Delay to Your Advantage.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has you falling behind in your work, you’re not alone. Turns out, even the IRS has trouble working from home. The…

24 Nov 20 Dave Weishaus

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Everything you need to know
about the new IRS Form W-4

In 2020, the IRS decided to make major changes to its Form W-4, the form employers use to calculate their employees’ tax withholdings. But don’t…

23 Nov 20 Dave Weishaus

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IRS Offers Taxpayers Necessary Relief in Response to COVID-19. Here’s How You Can Benefit.

The IRS just announced major changes to its collections process, a development that couldn’t come soon enough for taxpayers. The new Taxpayer Relief Initiative offers…

30 Oct 20 Dave Weishaus

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6 Essential Steps to Starting Your Own Business

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has left millions of Americans unemployed, wondering what comes next. But what if you could turn this setback into…

09 Apr 20 Boxelder Consulting

Boxelder Consulting

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IRS Collections and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Like most people, the team at Boxelder Consulting is still coming to grips with the jolting shift in reality we’ve all experienced in just three…

20 Feb 20 Audra Walter

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4 Factors That Can Cause Tax Refund Delays

The arrival of tax season has brought about one of the chief concerns of the year for most people throughout the country: tax refund checks….