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07 Jun 19 Audra Walter

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The IRS sent me certified mail to seize my property – now what?

As we saw in our previous post, the IRS is willing to make a deal when it comes to collecting its debts. The IRS gives taxpayers multiple ways to take care of their tax debt and rebuild their financial lives. Unfortunately, however, not every taxpayer takes the initiative to get in touch with the IRS to deal […]

21 Dec 18 Audra Walter

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Can the IRS Take My Passport if I Owe Taxes?

The FAST Act If you or a loved one are among the hundreds of thousands of American taxpayers deemed to owe “seriously delinquent” tax debt, it is important to be conscious of the risks you are facing. Due to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) act, your passport may now be revoked if you’re liable […]

30 Aug 17 Boxelder Consulting

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taxes

Entrepreneurs: What You Need To Know About Taxes (Sports Edition) Being an entrepreneur is an inherently risky (high risk, high reward) and stressful professional path; the financial stakes are often very high and it can require longer than usual hours and effort to be successful.  Add in a lack of familiarity with business taxes and […]

25 Jul 17 Boxelder Consulting

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How to Budget for a Small Business

How to Effectively Budget for Your Small Business Congratulations! You have either started or taken over a small business, not a simple task in its own right. Now what? You want to ensure the future success of your new endeavor, and one of the key components is a well thought out and complete budget. Why […]