Can the IRS Take My Passport if I Owe Taxes?

The FAST Act

If you or a loved one are among the hundreds of thousands of American taxpayers deemed to owe “seriously delinquent” tax debt, it is important to be conscious of the risks you are facing. Due to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) act, your passport may now be revoked if you’re liable for tax debts surpassing $51,000.

Understanding What Is at Stake

The FAST Act, which was signed into law by President Obama in 2015, demands that the U.S. State Department oppose the renewal of taxpayer’s passport if the IRS deems the taxpayer has accrued “delinquent debt”. This act enables the full revocation of a passport should no resolution be reached with the IRS in due time.

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The IRS also provided additional details on its implementation of the FAST Act, claiming it was in the process of sending the names of over 362,000 individuals owing over $51,000 in taxes to the US State Department.

According to recent reports, this new legislation has already had a major impact; the US state department has already withdrawn the passports of an undisclosed number of Americans. It is also apparent, from the IRS’s relentless pursuit of tax debtors, that it plans on backing the revocation of more documents. At Boxelder Consulting, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of prospective clients needing to get their passport back after it was revoked from the State Department. Our team has successfully resolved dozens of these passport cases in the past six months.

How Boxelder Consulting Can Protect Your Passport

The most crucial part of dealing with tax debt is understanding how it accumulates, how it can be paid, and the specifics of the IRS’s demands. This is why having an ally that can translate the intricacies of the IRS’s requirements, its bureaucratic operations and its incentives into accessible, clear language is essential.

Our team of licensed professionals will call the IRS on your behalf and fiercely negotiate for your best interests. If your passport has been revoked due to delinquent taxes, you’ll have to act fast. The tax experts at Boxelder Consulting can lift the tax burden from your shoulders by finding an immediate solution to your tax problems. If you’re passport has been revoked due to delinquent taxes, it’s important that you act within the IRS’s 90-day time frame to resolve any erroneous certification issues.  At Boxelder Consulting, we pride ourselves on the speed of our services and will ensure that the issue is addressed, and your passport reinstated in swift fashion.

Resolution Options

At Boxelder Consulting, we understand that tax debt can happen to anyone. However, we also believe that an individual’s momentary mismanagement, or confusion regarding the IRS’s demands, should not define their ability to freely move in and out of the country. That’s why we are adamant about informing our clients and giving them options to find freedom from tax debt.

Should it be necessary, Boxelder will help you enter into an agreement with the Justice Department that could protect your passport and keep the IRS at bay. We will also help you find a favorable compromise for the payment of any remnant debt through tenacious negotiations and keen attention to your primary needs.

Boxelder Consulting understands that the anxiety and fear resulting from unpaid tax accumulations may lock a taxpayer into an internal conundrum. For years, our firm has strived to get individuals out of these unfortunate situations by providing thorough and effective services ranging from accounting, to business consulting and tax relief.

A Word to Concerned Confidants

Should you find that a loved one is acting differently, or appearing particularly stressed about their financial situation, you may want to approach them about seeking tax help. These types of conversations can be difficult, and sometimes it helps to have a mediator act as a sounding board and a voice of reason.  Boxelder is experienced in dealing with tricky family conversations and will ensure your friend, partner or family member is informed and comfortable with their tax relief options.

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