Unsolicited Call from a “Tax Expert?” Don’t trust it.

Man on a cell phone call

Your phone buzzes inside your pocket, an out-of-state number. It could just be spam, but maybe it’s important. So, you answer the call.

The man on the other end knows your name. He knows about your tax lien. He knows about your debt with the IRS. And he claims he can make it all go away. Act now, he says urgently, or else.

Can you trust him?


Outbound Sales Companies Pay for Your Tax Data

For many of my clients, this story is all too familiar.

But here’s the honest truth: most “tax resolution” firms have no interest in resolving your tax problems. Instead, they want to exploit your tax problems for as long as possible. And they use outbound sales companies to find you.

Since tax liens are public documents, having one filed against you can make you an easy target. Outbound sales reps pay top dollar for your information, and attack when you’re most vulnerable.

The scary part? They’re really good at it.


Intimidation Pays

The person on the other end of these unsolicited calls is almost never a tax professional. They’re an inexperienced, unlicensed salesperson, who knows next to nothing about tax law and will not be working on your case.

But salespeople do know how to intimidate you and are trained to exploit your pain points.

A tax lien is a serious problem. It can prevent you from getting a loan. It can delay the sale of your house. Eventually, it means the IRS can seize your property or business.

And while all of this is true, a sales rep will use that information to scare you into a bad deal. They know how to touch on your fear, shame, and embarrassment to bait you into a sale.

If one of these calls has you overwhelmed, remember that you don’t have to commit to anything over the phone! You have plenty of time to take a breath, do some research, and find the solution that’s best for you.


Predatory Tax Resolution: Short-Term Fixes for Long-Term Profits

If a tax resolution firm finds their customers through a third-party sales company, what do you think that says about how they do business?

These predatory firms don’t want to “resolve” anything for you. They want to settle your tax issues for this year, while ensuring that the same problems appear next year, so you can hire them again.

It’s an endless cycle of short-term fixes that do nothing to address the underlying causes of your debt — like slapping a band-aid on a broken arm.

This system is destined to fail. It’s built like a casino, intended to keep you from leaving. And it enrages me that this kind of predatory behavior is the industry standard.


Boxelder: A Better Way Forward

When Dave Weishaus and I launched Boxelder Consulting in 2015, we set out to create a company that prioritizes the client’s long-term financial interests over any quarterly sales targets.

That’s why we hire no salespeople at Boxelder. When you call us, the person answering the phone is a licensed professional who will actually work on your case. As a licensed tax attorney, I have an ethical obligation to tell the truth and give the best advice I can, whether or not you choose to hire our team.

Instead of looking for a quick fix, Boxelder’s full-service tax relief, accounting, bookkeeping, and business consulting teams work together to address the root of your financial problems. We work to ensure that you never have these issues again.

But don’t take my word for it. Quality service speaks for itself. As the iconic slogan for Packard Automobiles said, “Ask the Man Who Owns One.” Check out the success stories on our website, our reviews online, or our Better Business Bureau profile.

It’s important that you take the time to do your own research when choosing a tax relief firm. We hope that you choose Boxelder, but we will not spam your phone if you don’t!

If you’d like to meet our team for free consultation on your financial needs, give us a call at 303-317-6111. We’re excited to meet you.


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Tom Conradt

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Tom Conradt is the co-founder of Boxelder Consulting & Tax Relief, and has been practicing IRS Collections defense law for the past ten years. Graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tom is the lead IRS Collections Defense Attorney and heads the tax resolution department. Tom’s favorite part about working at Boxelder Consulting is hearing about the relief that clients experience after they sign up and start seeing immediate results on their case. Tom enjoys all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer, including skiing, hiking and climbing. He is also looking forward to the return of indoor pickup basketball.

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