26 Oct 17 Audra Walter


IRS to Reject 2018 Tax Returns Without Health Insurance Disclosure

The IRS stated last week that it will not accept electronically filed tax returns in 2018 if taxpayers do not disclose information about their healthcare […]

21 Oct 17 Audra Walter


The IRS Seized Nearly $60,000 from an Innocent Man for Not Depositing Enough Money to His Bank Account

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes The IRS Seized Nearly $60,000 from an Innocent Man for Not Depositing Enough Money to His Bank Account The IRS […]

17 Oct 17 Audra Walter


Boxelder Consulting Sponsors Five Runners from Flint, Michigan in Denver Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

October 15, 2017 Denver, Colorado Boxelder Consulting, a Denver based tax resolution and accounting firm, sponsored five runners in the Denver Rock ‘n Roll Half […]

04 Oct 17 Boxelder Consulting


Proposed Republican Tax Plan: How it Affects You

Republicans Move Forward on Tax Reform The federal tax plan being proposed by the GOP is out now. There are some significant changes being proposed […]

29 Sep 17 Boxelder Consulting

Personal Taxes, Taxes,

Tax Deductions You May Not Know About

What is a tax deduction exactly? Simply, tax deductions lower your taxable income; this plays to your favor as the lower your taxable income is, […]

14 Sep 17 Boxelder Consulting

IRS, Taxes,

IRS Doing Its’ Part: Tax Relief to Hurricane Victims

In the wake of tragedy, our nation always manages to come together to help those in needs. Everyone from rock stars, sports stars, movie stars, […]

30 Aug 17 Boxelder Consulting

Business Consulting,

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Taxes

Entrepreneurs: What You Need To Know About Taxes (Sports Edition) Being an entrepreneur is an inherently risky (high risk, high reward) and stressful professional path; […]

15 Aug 17 Dave Weishaus


Dirty Dozen List of Tax Related Scams

Each year the IRS publishes a “Dirty Dozen” list of tax-related scams. Here’s the list for 2015. Update 2/20/2017: For recent tax-related scams view Someone’s claiming […]