02 Jun 18 Audra Walter


Understanding the New Tax Code: Is It Fair?

With any new administration come new policies: the Trump administration and the rest of Washington is currently embattled in a high stakes debate over tax […]

02 Mar 18 Audra Walter


How to Survive an IRS Audit of Your Business

  How to Survive an IRS Audit of your Business 1. Limit the Scope On the Exam Letter that you receive from the IRS, there […]

23 Jan 18 Audra Walter


Congress asked the IRS to implement a massive new law. Now it could send more than half its workers home.

In 2017, Republicans handed the Internal Revenue Service a huge task. In 2018, Congress is about to send home much of the agency’s workforce. The […]

29 Dec 17 Audra Walter

Personal Taxes,

5 Steps to Take Before Jan 1 to Save On Your Taxes

The tax rates are going down next year, so a deduction now is worth a lot more than it will be in 2018. On top […]

19 Dec 17 Audra Walter


How the GOP Tax Bill Could Become a Nightmare for the IRS

President Trump and GOP congress members have shifted their focus to a major overhaul of the tax code – the biggest in 30 years. This […]

06 Dec 17 Audra Walter


How the Republican Tax Plan Will Affect You

How the tax overhaul could affect your bottom line The Senate passed a long-awaited tax overhaul bill early Saturday morning. The bill, the biggest rewrite […]

20 Nov 17 Audra Walter

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The Stress of Tax Debt: MIT Study Indicates Stress Can Lead to Risky Decisions

A new MIT study recently confirmed what many of us probably know, but don’t slow our brains down to recognize – that chronic stress, stress […]

06 Nov 17 Audra Walter


Boxelder Consulting Rescues Two Dogs with Charity Partner Rancho Del Oro Veterinary Hospital

Meet Ozzie and Gravy! Ozzie (left) and Gravy (right) are two adorable dogs that were recently rescued by our charity partner Rancho Del Oro Veterinary […]