What are the best ways to separate my business and personal finances?

Mixing business and personal finances is a major problem for small-business owners. Not only does it create headaches at tax time, it also makes it difficult to track the profitability of your company. Worse-case scenario: you get audited by the IRS and end up with major fines. Keeping these two parts of your money life separate is essential to preserve your sanity and to ensure you have a sustainable business model. Boxelder’s Business Consulting department can advise you on the best practices for separating your finances during a free consultation.

Who should I call to check the status of my tax return?

For live telephone assistance, you can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 between the hours of 7AM and 7PM, Monday thru Friday. This phone number is for individual taxpayers who have questions their Federal taxes.

Tax Resolution

Can a bank levy or wage garnishment be released when it’s already in place?

Yes, but there is a tight time frame involved. It is critical that you act quickly. Federal law allows for the possibility of the release of the funds within 21 days of capture.  The time frame for a state taxing authority levy varies by each state. If your bank account has been levied, we recommend contacting a Boxelder Consulting tax professional for a free consultation immediately.

Should I speak with an IRS Revenue Officer or State Revenue Agent to resolve my tax liability myself?

We do not recommend speaking with state or federal Revenue Officers without counsel. Remember that a Revenue Officer’s job is to uphold the federal or state government’s interests. Our attorneys, Certified Public Accounts and Enrolled Agent are sworn to only uphold your interests.

Can Boxelder Consulting file my missing returns?

Yes, unlike some other tax resolution or consulting firms, we are a full service taxation and accounting company that provides tax preparation, tax resolution and professional business consulting.

What sets Boxelder Consulting apart from other firms?

In short, our transparent, open and fair process is what sets us apart. Many firms offer a “free consultation” which amounts to nothing more than speaking with an unlicensed sales associate who will say just about anything to sign you up and ask for as much money as they can get.  With Boxelder Consulting, you know you will get a thorough analysis before any discussion regarding fees.

We typically spend between ten to twenty hours on information gathering, better understanding the full scope of your situation, before we propose an action plan.  There are no strings attached to this process and it is mutually beneficial to all parties to execute this detailed level of research and analysis in the beginning stages.  If you decide to move forward on your own or with another firm after this comprehensive initial consultation, there will be no fee charged.

What do I do if I’ve received a notice from the state or IRS?

Almost all notices from a state taxing authority or IRS are time sensitive. Some notices have deadlines that involve critical legal rights. It’s important that you read the notice carefully and discuss it with a licensed tax professional right away. Our attorneys are available at a moment’s notice to help.

Why is it so important that I work with a licensed professional?

To be absolutely sure you receive the best possible service and diligent attention on your case, make sure you work with a licensed professional. When it comes to taxes, make sure you work with an attorneys, Enrolled Agents, or Certified Public Accountants.  Each one of these professionals are obligated by law and their respective regulatory agencies to provide diligent service.   Furthermore, you have recourse to file a grievance if a licensed professional does not perform or act in your best interest.  While we expect you will never need to take this type of action while working with Boxelder Consulting, rest easy knowing that we hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry and our actions are backed by the strongest possible protections under the law for all our clients.

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