16 Mar 17 Boxelder Consulting

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Can the IRS Take Your 401(k)?

Estimated Reading Time: 7 Minutes If you’ve worked your entire life to save money for your retirement, it can pose a serious issue if you receive […]

08 Mar 17 Boxelder Consulting


4 Important Things You Didn’t Know About Trust Funds & The IRS

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes As a business owner, whether small or large, you have an obligation to withhold money from your employees’ paychecks for […]

27 Feb 17 Boxelder Consulting


No Health Insurance? No problem. Here’s what the IRS is Now Saying About Withholding Tax Refunds.

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes If you’re one of the 29 million people in the United States worrying about receiving an IRS penalty for not […]

21 Feb 17 Boxelder Consulting


1099 vs W-2 Employee: What’s the Difference?

Estimated reading time: 4 Minutes The IRS classifies types of workers as either an employee or independent contractor for tax purposes. If you’re reading this, […]

16 Feb 17 Boxelder Consulting

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Woman sues Howard Stern over airing private call with IRS

On Monday, satellite radio personality Howard Stern was hit with a lawsuit initiated by a woman named Judith Barrigas for allegedly airing a private conversation […]

14 Feb 17 Boxelder Consulting


The Complete Guide to IRS Notices

In our past blog post, IRS Notices Decoded: What Your IRS Notice Means we reviewed the reasons you may have received a notice from the […]

06 Feb 17 Boxelder Consulting

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I Got a Notice Of Deficiency From The IRS. What Should I Do?

  Estimated reading time: 5 minutes What You Should Do After Getting an IRS Deficiency Notice First, take a deep breath and relax. A deficiency […]

27 Jan 17 Boxelder Consulting

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Someone’s Claiming I Owe Money To The IRS. Is This Legit?

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes Are you wondering how ConServe Accounts Receivable or another private debt collection firm could be collecting your taxes? Check out […]