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09 Nov 18 Audra Walter

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IRS Scams on the Rise: What Taxpayers Need to Know

Americans lose billions of dollars each year to fraud, and more recently, these scammers have moved into the taxpayer’s arena. Fraudsters impersonating IRS officials have become a common problem in the United States causing havoc at the federal level by stealing refunds from unsuspecting victims. These scams may come in the form of a phone […]

29 Dec 17 Boxelder Consulting

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5 Steps to Take Before Jan 1 to Save On Your Taxes

The tax rates are going down next year, so a deduction now is worth a lot more than it will be in 2018. On top of that, several popular deductions are disappearing next year or getting substantially limited. But if you act now, you can get the tax savings you had hoped to take in 2018 […]

29 Sep 17 Boxelder Consulting

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Tax Deductions You May Not Know About

What is a tax deduction exactly? Simply, tax deductions lower your taxable income; this plays to your favor as the lower your taxable income is, the more cash you get to keep in your pocket when you go to pay taxes. There are deductions for all sorts of things; here are 8 tax deductions you […]

15 May 17 Boxelder Consulting

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How to Find Out if You Owe Taxes

Estimated reading time: 6 Minutes So you filed your taxes last month, but for whatever reason, you feel like you might actually owe the IRS taxes, rather than being issued back a return. Or maybe your situation is different. Perhaps your employer doesn’t deduct taxes from your paychecks throughout the year and you know for […]

22 Mar 17 Boxelder Consulting

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All of Your 1040 Tax Form Questions, Answered.

Estimated Reading Time: 8 Minutes We’re currently in the midst of tax season, and you’ve been procrastinating filing your tax return for the year. You are definitely not alone. Just the thought of filing your taxes sounds like it’s going to be a daunting task. Below are the most common questions about IRS Form 1040. […]

16 Mar 17 Boxelder Consulting

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Can the IRS Take Your 401(k)?

Estimated Reading Time: 7 Minutes If you’ve worked your entire life to save money for your retirement, it can pose a serious issue if you receive a notice of delinquent federal taxes from the IRS. It may feel unfair and worrisome for both yourself and your family. You may wonder how it is possible for the […]

16 Feb 17 Boxelder Consulting

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Woman sues Howard Stern over airing private call with IRS

On Monday, satellite radio personality Howard Stern was hit with a lawsuit initiated by a woman named Judith Barrigas for allegedly airing a private conversation with an IRS agent on his talk show. Per the complaint filed in Massachusetts federal court, Barrigas called the IRS’s service center on May 19, 2015 to discuss the potential […]

06 Feb 17 Boxelder Consulting

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I Got a Notice Of Deficiency From The IRS. What Should I Do?

  Estimated reading time: 5 minutes What You Should Do After Getting an IRS Deficiency Notice First, take a deep breath and relax. A deficiency notice is not a bill. It simply outlines information sent to the IRS by a third party and proposes how it may affect your taxes. The IRS cross-references information filed […]

27 Jan 17 Boxelder Consulting

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Someone’s Claiming I Owe Money To The IRS. Is This Legit?

Estimated reading time: 8 minutes Are you wondering how ConServe Accounts Receivable or another private debt collection firm could be collecting your taxes? Check out our post below for answers. It turns out that sometimes the IRS turns to private debt collectors too. ConServe Accounts Receivable is a private debt collection agency. They are notorious […]

13 Jan 17 Dave Weishaus

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How to Respond to an IRS Notice Letter (or IRS Notice of Deficiency)

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes. You have received an IRS Notice letter in the mail. On its front are stamped the letters “IRS.” The pit of your stomach drops and this once innocuous envelope now holds your full attention. What do you do next? Open Your IRS Letter First, open it. It may not be […]

16 Oct 15 Dave Weishaus

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October 15th – Personal Income Tax Extension Filing Deadline – Now What?

The 2014 tax calendar year has finally come to an end for both business and individual taxpayers. Managing the daily, weekly, monthly finances of a household or business is a complex task. An extra set of trained eyes to help review financial transactions can be an incredibly resourceful tool. Boxelder Consulting is a full service […]