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Our Effective Tax Resolution Process

Step One: Consultation

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A free, no strings attached, thorough analysis of your tax liabilities. 

Boxelder consulting will file a temporary Power of Attorney on your behalf with the IRS or state and provide you a comprehensive review of your liabilities and the course of action we recommend to resolve the problem. A licensed Boxelder Consulting tax professional will discuss your specific goals and we can achieve them. We will also provide you with a realistic timeline of when you can expect your goals to be accomplished. We will guide you through each step in an easy to understand way. Rest assured you will have the best licensed professionals in the industry fighting for you.

Step Two: Resolution Strategies

A financial chart being reviewed by a Boxelder associate

Your case will be assigned to an experienced, licensed professional to discuss the resolution strategy that works best for you. 

A Boxelder Consulting licensed tax professional will work with you one-on-one and determine which resolution strategy will be the most effective option for you. Our licensed professionals will consider what will save you the most time and money. During the resolution process, our licensed professionals will also maintain protection on your account from bank levies, federal and state tax liens and property seizure. Stop worrying immediately, because you’ve retained Boxelder Consulting to help.

Step Three: Guidance

A comprehensive approach to taxes, IRS audits, and business accounting

Your case will be assigned to a team of licensed professionals who can be reached at any time. 

Boxelder Consulting’s licensed professionals navigate the bureaucratic maze of the Internal Revenue Service and make the system work for you. We provide straight forward guidance that will make even the most complex tax problems manageable. Our polite, friendly staff will put a human face on a process that seems relentless and unforgiving. Boxelder Consulting’s licensed professionals are experienced in accounting, tax resolution and business consulting and will ensure that not only are  you receiving sound advice, but that you understand why we recommend a particular course of action.

Step Four: Positive Results

A team of tax consultants ready to solve your tax problems

Once a successful, low cost resolution is in place, our job has only just begun. 

A Boxelder Consulting licensed professional will continue to advocate on your behalf and move toward the removal of any existing liens and abatement of penalties. Tax liens can have a devastating impact on your personal life and business. These public liens can cause embarrassment, increased interest rates or the denial of critical loans to keep your business in operation. Penalties and associated interest frequently account for upwards of thirty to forty percent of your total liabilities. Boxelder Consulting’s licensed professionals have years of experience and had thousands of successful results. Let Boxelder Consulting put that experience to work for you and rebuild your personal life and business.

Tax relief is possible with us on your side